On life that was in the universe

The content of the creation that lies in spaces beyond human reach has always intrigued the earthly resident. Even though we cannot know exactly what is in there this limitation does not prevent speculations of what might be. And the space above the earth has been and continues to be a destination especially compelling of adventure and discovery.

What we are beginning to discover and consequentially to understand from our curious study of outer space is that at some time in the distant past life teemed at every point in the universe. Indications present theoretical proof that civilizations lived before and left distinguishing marks that confirm their presence. Although practical proof of societies who resided in the universe remains to be established as conclusively productive, signs of something happening before throughout the vast universe seem to abound.

And yet there has been no actual communication and sustained contact with inhabitants who live at other locations in the universe. However this reality does not dispel the idea that creatures who are at home in the earth are the only beings who have ever lived in the natural creation. Even though it is true that life in the earth was not the only life present in the universe in the past, it is true today.

Among the many places in the universe where living beings existed before there remains no environment beyond the earth that now can support life. Where once there were sufficient resources and natural materials to provide the essential components for life to survive locally and to thrive those conditions no longer exists out there.

Behaviors of those alien creatures who lived in space beyond the earth worked to destroy their capacity to survive. The actions they chose effectively isolated their differences, created irreconcilable hostilities, and so contaminated their environment that the necessary functions intended to refresh and to recreate them were fatally infected. And because there was no refreshment and no recreation all of this extraterrestrial life died, all of it except life on the earth.

Life in the earth is presently the only life that exists in any part of the universe. Life in the earth is all that remains of the vast life that before inhabited locations in every part of space. It is the surpassing intellectual attribute of creatures who live in the earth—especially the human creatures—that has made this possible.

Life in the earth continues because of the common and mutual concern of humans to protect the environment and to meet the essential needs of every living inhabitant. Life in the earth continues to exist because of the human commitment to preserve global community and to work to keep it healthy and adequately nourished. Life on the earth continues because of the human commitment to share natural provisions and to manage technology so that not one portion of life in the earth is threatened with extinction.

We can be grateful not only for a civilized population who embraces the mutual concern for ensuring the well being of everyone but also for the wisdom and dedication of powerful persons who are positioned to lead us. Because we take seriously the responsibility to structure societies in ways that foster behaviors that both prevent our environment from becoming contaminated and provide nourishment for everyone who lives with us, we can be assured that life in the earth—the only life that remains in the entire universe—shall continue to exist.

On the relation of conservative values and white privilege

Much is made of the necessity to preserve historical conservative values when public elections come into sight. Proponents never tire of complaining about the hazards of liberal policies and how they will undermine the national identity. Critically thinking through this assessment results in a sobering conclusion: being conservative means working to preserve white privilege.

From its conception the national identity of the United States of America reflects the consequence of white persons being in charge. The founding principles that determined the governing documents of the nation establish the practical rule of white male nationalists. Because of their majority status provisions for composing community and defining society were drafted in favor of white preferences. Minority groups were respectfully referenced while always ensuring their inferior positioning would be maintained.

The rule of white male nationalists created what we now know as white privilege—a inherent systematic advantage only available to white citizens. Being a member of the white race was the only requirement for an individual to benefit from this advantage. White privilege has been the primary factor for understanding how the white race has prevailed to occupy the dominating positions of power and prestige. By inheriting this advantage white citizens have continued to ensure their preferences would control proceedings that were intended to determine the structure and functioning of society.

Throughout the two previous centuries however the composition of the United States has slowly changed. For the first time in its existence the white ethnic race is not in the majority. For the first time in its existence white privilege is in danger of being subverted. And the recognition of this reality has brought sheer panic to white male nationalists.

Fellow citizens of scared white male nationalists who uncritically buy into the argument that conservative values are being threatened because the white ethnic race is no longer the national majority make a fatal mistake. These deceived citizens are shielded from the fact that past governing policies have been fashioned to serve the interests of white males by suppressing the equally valid interests of white women and minority ethnic races. A casual review of American history will validate this premise.  It is not conservative values that is being threatened; white privilege is being challenged.

Being a member of a minority ethnic race in the United Stated has been a difficult and dangerous condition. Because of the way society is structured members of ethnic minority races have not had the same opportunities for engaging in the community. Because of the way society functions members of ethnic minority races have been discouraged from entering into positions of power and prestige. Because of their differing preferences members of ethnic minorities by contrast have been judged as being a threat to the national identity, something to resist and even to subdue.

This scenario is rapidly changing. More and more white women and members of ethnic minority races are beginning to exert their voice in the democratic procedures established to elect leaders. Across the spectrum of society these persons before repressed are beginning to become a driving force in local and national politics. As this trend continues to develop and to gain momentum the existence of white privilege becomes more and more fragile.

The pursuit of liberal policies is not about destroying conservative values. The pursuit of liberal policies is about transforming the national structure that before has permitted white male nationalists to control the entire population. The pursuit of liberal policies is about ending the reign of white male nationalists and their practice of promoting policies that benefit their selfish interests. The pursuit of liberal policies is about terminating the inequitable advantage that white privilege provides.

Any argument for preserving conservative values is essentially an argument for perpetuating white privilege.

Although the voices of white women and minority races are a threat to the historical national identity of the United States, they are at the same time and more importantly defenders of democracy, necessary for its survival–a thing to be cherished and protected.

White privilege is the antithesis of democratic government. We cannot have both.

On the choice to continue to continue

Hope is based on the premise that circumstances can suddenly and abruptly change. Unexpected events can occur which cause unpreventable revisions in the world around us. Such transitions create new options never before within our reach. Remembering this fact will make it possible for us to persist to continue through desperate conditions, conditions that sometimes will seem to be insurmountable.

When I was before in a contest with the military institution trying to preserve the independence of military chaplains to support soldiers who were struggling with a decision to follow a command directive that would cause them to betray the content of their faith, I was pressured to resign, to leave the military community. I was informed that my service was disloyal. I was told that if I did not voluntarily separate from active duty then I would be officially terminated. I had one of two choices: either I could quit or I could continue and let the institution fire me.

This example details the dilemma that an individual faces when managing a situation in which they are required to decide either to give up or to continue.

At some place on the journey in the earth each one of us will find ourselves in this kind of situation. Sometimes the consequence of our decision to persist will be known to us. At other times the outcome of the choice to continue will not be possible for us to know. Yet we will always know the consequence of giving up.

To give up means that all hope is gone. To give up means submitting to forces outside yourself. To give up means letting someone else determine what you will do. To give up means abandoning the things that you before believed in—values like truth and justice and inclusive community, values that arise from the witness of conscience.

Regardless of the circumstances that define the condition a person must endure, there is always a choice of how to manage the situation. When persons in power betray their duty to defend community by denying safety and expression and equal access for each person regardless of their personal nature and preferences, our efforts to eliminate the injustice created by this self serving agenda often have no effect. Everything we can do makes no difference.

Powerful people use lies and deceit and regulation in order to ensure their self preservation. Because of their choices persons outside their circle of concern can easily become destitute, defenseless, completely vulnerable to the distressful circumstances created for them without their consent. These people have no resources, they are without any visible means of escape. Yet even in this dire circumstance they still have a choice of what they will do. They can choose either to quit or to continue.

Regardless of the pain and suffering and despair that human creatures can encounter, remembering that continuous life in the earth is not the intention of our presence here will bring any situation into a clearer perspective. Either we can let someone else determine our actions or we can choose for ourself what we will do.

None of us can know the future. None of us can know what will happen in the next hour or even in the next moment. Maybe nothing will change. Maybe everything will change. Even so to quit means that I will never know.

If I choose to continue I will know what happens next.