Short Film about Freedom



The still photos contained in this film were recovered by the Allies when the Nazi regime fell.

When the bodies of this 1941 massacre were exhumed German military equipment was found among them.

There was no identification; no papers or ID tags were present.

Subsequent investigation identified Josef Schulz as the condemned soldier in the photograph.

The precise details associated with this story are still unknown.

Film clip taken from the 1973 movie, ‘Joseph Schultz,’ courtesy of Yugoslav Zastava Films.

Music, ‘Assurance,’ from the album ‘Songs for the Journey.’  Used with permission.

Produced and edited by G. Robertson for the Institute to Honor Freedom  of Conscience.

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    Scenes from this video taken from the short film ”Biography of Joseph Schultz” (in original title: ”Biografija Jozefa Šulca”), Director: Predrag Golubović; Screenplay by: Predrag Golubović and Danko Popović; Star: Faruk Begolli as J. Schultz; (1973)

    During the war among the population was propagated Šumadija (in Serbia) the story of a courageous German soldier who refused to shoot the prisoners, and he himself graduated from a deadly pipes of their comrades. 1947. The exhumation was carried out, and in addition there are the mortal remains of 16 victims, and found the remains of 17 victims for which the surviving military buckles and boots, undoubtedly established that they belong to a German soldier. Just at that time, from one action from Pozarevac, in the light of day appear photos (which were subsequently toured the world), which are only incidentally the other due to the sudden withdrawal of that German troops. On one of them clearly see how a German soldier, without any military equipment, belt and helmet approached the hay barn where prisoners were leaning.
    It has long been a secret identity of this man, but I never event is not questioned. At least not in Serbia, while in Germany this event for unknown reasons kept secret. Therefore, the archives are not opened.
    However, in this unusual story in early 70-s, the brother of the hero – Walter Schultz. According to him, the German team is their mother told of ” brave son’s death near Topola ” but the truth is the brother heard from OSTMAN von der Leja, a member of the Bundestag and therefore went to the right place of this war drama. Valter Schultz he recognized his brother in the photos with the shooting. In these photographs immortalized the moment when Joseph Schultz left without tags Rajha when accompanied by two other war heading towards a haystack, as when an officer with two soldiers approached to make sure you were all dead. Walter Schultz said that his brother was an artist, a leftist and a member of a secret anti-Hitler organization that constantly defied the elders, and it was just so that he may complete his life.
    The whole story came to the public and in Germany, but (the Germans when the Germans) – not because of respect for the hero, but because of the circumstances he was killed without trial (since it is alleged, at the end of 1944 was not possible without a trial carried out against the death penalty soldiers).

    • I am grateful for this information as it helps us understand better the event that took place, demonstrating the courageous action of Joseph Schultz.
      Be well, Garland

  2. some really interesting details you have written.

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