Please send you tax-exempt contribution to the following address:

Institute to Honor Freedom of Conscience   P.O. Box 2074   Longmont, CO 80502

The Institute to Honor Freedom of Conscience (IHFC) is a 501(c)(3) association of individuals committed to educate persons for the intention of promoting freedom of conscience across all boundaries.  Projects generated under this designation will be designed to nurture respectful relationship and create inclusive community among all members of the human family.

Presentations to educate persons in techniques of and opportunities for nonviolent conflict resolution and mediation will be sponsored by IHFC.  These events will include all aspects of actions that serve to enhance the building of peaceful relationship and inclusive community, including such topics as preventing domestic violence, eliminating poverty, pursuing arms reduction, confronting injustice, teaching tolerance, promoting respect for diversity, supporting minority concerns, and other related issues.


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