A day is coming…

While we observe a growing presence of protests and demonstrations intended to bring attention to inequality, injustice, and minority rule, the occasion for these bold statements is unsettlingly obvious. These reactions are not a sign of an improving condition for the human family and a sustainable movement toward global community. Rather these objections are a declaration that the conditions of inequality, injustice, and minority rule is a growing, expanding perversion encroaching across the earth at an alarming rate and swallowing up an increasing number of fellow members of the human family.

For those powerful and influential persons who promote this divisive and oppressing agenda—a condition that represses and discounts the value and potential of a vast majority of persons living in the earth—a day is coming that will see their sun and moon and stars loosed from their skies. These profiters will realize that all they have held to be important and worthy is nothing but a hollow delusion of useless appeal. Their world will cease to exist; it will fall apart. Their ambitions will be shattered. Their existence will be a cold darkness. A pervasive restructuring of human society will be accomplished. The era of human history in the earth will have come to an end.

Yet for those who have struggled and suffered under systems of government and control that stole their dignity and denied their participation, these persons will see the dawning of a new day. They will be liberated. They will be vindicated, restored, acknowledged, and positioned to receive justice and to be regarded with righteous companionship. They will find the release for which they have longed for and believed in and anticipated. These former refugees will find freedom in an everlasting home of comfort and joy.

A day is coming that will transform human existence. It will affect everyone in the earth. Wait for it. It will surely come.